WordPress Plugins: Responsive Design

WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system in the world today, and it’s all thanks to its community of add on creators and users, who continue to think of new improvements to make for both creators and browsers. Tackling the problem of responsive designs goes hand in hand with reaching your mobile audience, who are using an ever-broadening range of viewport sizes and resolutions. You want your site to look great at any size, and that’s where responsive designs can help.

WordPress Plugins: Responsive Design

Making a site responsive also means handling some complex tasks if you want to get it exactly right– that is, unless you’ve got some plugins that can do a lot of the hard work for you. Here are three very popular, and very effective, WordPress plugins that you can use to cut down on the frustration and increase your mobile users’ experiences.

  • WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 gives you the ability to manage many different responsive needs from one, smartly made packaged, which includes tools to make responsive user interfaces, themes, services to sync your posts, full customization, and even a method for desktop users to check out a “mobile,” more app-like version of your site.
  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin comes with some powerful tools for the job, including a “Pro” version that you can use if you like the free or low cost versions of this plugin. Some of the enhancements includes special tools to make touch-screen interaction more engaging for mobile users, cache optimization for faster loading times on mobile devices, image scaling management that will cut down on pictures getting warped or cut off, and more. You can even load different themes for different resolutions, which is exactly what you’ll want from a responsive plugin.
  • JetPack is free to use, and has many of the mobile detection processes that we’ve already listed. While it may not come with as many tools right out of the box as other contenders, it does have a nice array of customization and options that you can take advantage of if you know your way around code. JetPack also comes with speed optimization tools, social media integration, and more. For a more streamlined responsive website toolkit, JetPack’s the choice for power users.
WordPress Plugins: Responsive Design

With responsive designs, there are also considerations that need to be made for the type of font that you use, or even the actual images that are displayed when you take the decreased brightness levels of a mobile screen into account. These packages actually can and do give you the ability to manage your CSS for font choices, and some will make your image layouts and choices far simpler for the resolutions you want to design for.

Along with these Responsive Plugins, we recommend that you look into tracking and analytic tools so that you can learn more about just how many mobile users your site is getting. You might be surprised at the ratios; some sites see as much as 80% of their traffic from mobile sources.