Could Vine Be the Future of Video Content?

Videos are a great way to improve your website’s ranking, get ideas out to consumers and visitors, and keep the people that visit your page entertained. They’re also something of a guarantee that for the one or two minute presentation that you’ve made available, you will be giving the viewer something that’s worth their time. Depending on the type of website that you’re building, that can be something of a challenge, especially if you want to think outside of the box.

Could Vine Be the Future of Video Content?

Vine, the popular video sharing service that’s gotten its hooks into the mobile market, has introduced an important step in social media sharing: The combination of amusing, animated GIFs, and audio. More than that, Vine’s made it easy for users to get their own created content online, regardless of technical skill. Some Vine “stars” are now arguably more popular than their film actor peers, if not as well compensated through marketing and other promotional deals. YouTube saw similar levels of success over the past five years, with its top paid content creator making $7 million USD– staggering to consider, when the average video said creator makes involves juvenile humor and video game footage.

What To Make of it All

The first thing that Vine, and YouTube by extension, can teach us is that video content is very, very engaging. In the case of YouTube, that content could be anywhere from 2 minutes long, to 20 minutes, to an hour. YouTube’s limit seems to be 10 hours, but those are mostly made for the novelty of overly long, repeating loops.

In the world of Vine, videos are typically six seconds at max, and yet they have captured a great deal of the public’s attention. For website makers, there are some important lessons to be learned.

  • Brevity is still the soul of wit. Most Vines are made for comedic purposes. They’re short, sometimes containing their entire setup and punch line within those brief seconds of footage. Others may be callbacks to previous jokes.
  • They’re easy to share. A Vine video is something that you can link, watch, and comment on through other social media in virtually no time at all.
  • They’re lightweight. Again, six seconds makes for some slim and trim footage, which means fewer burdens on bandwidth and caches.
Could Vine Be the Future of Video Content?

For website developers, following a Vine-like process of creating and adding video content might not be the worst idea. It all comes down to what your video needs to be of and your audience– younger audiences will obviously respond more positively to the shorter content. You can’t make a six second comedic short about Air Conditioning supplies and repairs, but you can make one for a restaurant or an online retailer.

Could Vine Be the Future of Video Content?

More than just a way to capitalize on the latest “viral” trend, Vine videos and their popularity should inform website designers that it’s actually easier to do more with less, and that’s always a good thing.